2015Ok, so I’m a little slow on the new year posts. One good thing that comes out of waiting until the 22nd of January is that I get to do away with all of the unnecessary “My Resolution” lists. Instead, I can move ahead and state the things that will unequivocally be in the stars for me.

First, I will be published again. I know this, and even tweeted about it in November. Black Denim magazine has accepted a story of mine and will publish it in March. It will be printed on the website, in a downloadable emagazine, and it even stands a shot at being published in a real, paper and ink magazine! I even got paid, albeit a penny a word, thus marking this as my first paying gig. I’m thrilled, but struggling with the delayed gratification that comes with such a protracted publishing schedule.

Next, I will definitely be coaching again this year. I will resume my post as JV baseball coach this spring, and I’m thrilled. This spot could lead to other coaching gigs, so I’m excited about that. It’s just nice to connect with kids on the athletic field, and I’m hoping that at some point I can get back on the football field. Hopefully this will be the year.

Third, I will continue growing and learning pedagogically. The work I’ve been doing with Google, Chromebooks, and blended learning is already paying dividends in the form of student achievement, and I now I can continue it. It’s nice to grow professionally; it just feels good. I am actively pursuing some things that will get me on the edge of the wave with technology in the classroom.

Fourth, I will publish a literary magazine. The Blackbird Review is already a reality online, but the first edition is soon off to the press. We have the money, we have the material, and we have the printer. I can’t wait! I love being on this side of the publishing world! I’m sure I’ll post the cover here soon.

Lastly, and most importantly, I will continue to be the best father, son, and husband I can be. Sappy, I know, but in the long haul this is what we are measured on. All else pales when compared to the love you can share with those close to you, and I don’t plan on ignoring the obligation I have to those I love. Its that love that keeps me going, Its that love that sustains me. And, hopefully, it works in reverse, too.

So there you have it, my 2015 “in the bag” predictions. There will be surprises and new avenues, for sure. But, if all I get done this year is listed in items one through four, then I can say that I have succeeded.

Happy New Year, all. Here’s looking at us.

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