sixStory number six was published earlier this month. “Pillow Talk.” One of my favorites. I’ve learned some lessons from the last story- some hard to take and most I’m not ready to talk about publicly- so this was such a pleasant surprise to see it come so quickly on its predecessor’s heels. The problems were with the reception of “What You Wish For,” but the experience with Black Denim Lit.– that was great.  I feel I can now move beyond some of the messiness of the last time- the reception of this story has certainly been positive.

My experience at Flash Fiction Magazine was awesome! I worked closely with editor Mark Anderson to tighten the piece up and get it ready for publication. they were quick and efficient; I couldn’t have been happier with the overall experience. And they have helped in the social media department, too, posting the story and retweeting my tweets when they come.


Number six brings with it some really big perks. I’m now listed in the Directory of Writers at Poets & Writers Magazine (, which was only made possible by having the sixth story published. This has somehow legitimized the whole process for me, even though I know it hasn’t really. I would still consider myself a writer whether or not I was in the Poets & Writers directory, or whether or not I was published at all. But this is a very nice addition to my writing resume, one that I am grateful for.

So will I keep tagging my stories by their order of publication? Probably not, I think I’ll stop after number ten. It’s arbitrary, I know, but I think I’m ready for an arbitrary line in the sand. I’m a published writer. I can make my rules after all.

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