Welcome, 2017. And hello again, blog of mine. It’s me, Brian.

I’ve had some pretty monumental lapses with the old “Sharper Thesis” blog, but a nearly six month silence is hard to justify. Sure I’ve been busy…who hasn’t? Sure I coached a football season from August to October, started a school year and worked hard to  innovate and make my lessons as thought provoking and intriguing as I possibly can, and tried to balance my work/life demands so I could still be present in the life of my family. Sure I read five novels, dozens of short stories, and started listening to a half dozen podcasts. Sure I went to the Clark Museum in Williamstown, watched scores of movies, and started viewing two new television series (Game of Thrones-all the way from season one- and The Magicians-because I love Lev Grossman’s books so much). Busy, right? We all have our crap. But most of us don’t have a blog languishing out in cyberspace, the only coming from sporadic Tweets or Instagram photos.

I do have a blog, and I’ve neglected it. So I’ve come to make amends, dragging my tail between my legs and begging forgiveness and running off of the mojo of a new year with a brand new idea. I plan to write.

Now before anyone says, “We’ve heard this before,” let me clarify. As I said before, I’ve been listening to podcasts. One that I particularly like is “The Portfolio Life with Jeff Goins.” Goins, a writer who focuses on nonfiction books (http://goinswriter.com), advocates writing 500 words a night as a means of practicing your craft. The 500 words, which in reality could be any number you decide on, is an artifice that I have used in my classroom for years, but, in the spirit of the *physician heal thyself* mentality, I don’t often follow my own advice.

So I will take up the torch now in order to practice my craft. Sometimes I will blog, sometimes I will work on my stories, but I’m pledging to myself that I will write every night if I can. Life, inevitably, will get in the way, but I’m committed to doing this. I have other projects in mind, too, to get my portfolio life going. I would really like to try my hand at podcasting-maybe interviews with friends who are writing- and I have a slew of tech products to review, as well. And I’ve started a longer fiction piece. And I’m revising two stories that I did over the summer and want to be diligent in my editing of those pieces.

Crazy, I know. But I need this in my life. We all need something other than work, as much as we love our jobs (I know, some don’t). In the end, if the expressive, creative side of your soul is energized, you will bring that energy to the work side of life, too.  That’s the hope, and this is the first salvo.

510 words. Day one. It’s great to be back.

© 2017, Brian Stumbaugh. All rights reserved.