So this is about me…

I’ll keep this short, as there’s enough about me throughout the site to piece together a bio.  But I suppose that there are other things that don’t fit into the categories of writing and websites that I should mention here, like, say, teaching, or family, or education. So here comes the rest of the story…


I am the father of two wonderful daughters.  Being a single dad has had its challenges, certainly, but it is easy for me to say, hands down, that being a dad has been the single best accomplishment I can feature in my portfolio.  I’ve learned as much as taught, and am still learning.  My daughters will be the gem in my crown, and the joy in my heart.  ‘Nuff said.


I teach.  Next to being a father first and a writer second, I have to say that teaching/advising/coaching are the activities that define me best. I’ve been doing it since 1995, and each year I find something new to love about kids.  I love English, I love writing, and being able to talk about those two things all day, every day, is a gift.  A pure gift. And being able to do it at Voorheesville is just another bonus.  Not only have I been able to teach wonderfully motivated kids, but some of the graduates in my eleven years have gone on to become friends of mine.  Whether on Facebook or actual real friendships- the kind that take place in the real world- one of the nicest things I’ve been able to say is that I have watched these kids develop into fantastic people.  Doctors, lawyers, teachers, and nurses, to name a few, these kids are tangible proof that the mission I’ve set out on has reaped untold rewards.  What a great gift, a wonderful job, a calling par excellence.


No, not God.  But I am a creative person, and all of the things I do in my limited spare time are creative.  I write, I design websites, and  I take photographs (OK, so the pics aren’t great, but I’m trying).  So this site is really dedicated to all of the creative things I do, and I won’t dwell on those things here.

So this is all that I am, a compendium of the creative side of me.  It is a work in progress, of course, but for now it’s what I’m about.

And for a succinct, business card approach to this whole thing, check out my About Me page (sort of useless, but whatever…):